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Kershaw Ripcord Modification 2

The pocket clip mod worked fine for awhile, but it was a pain having the knife mounted outside my pocket, and impractical to have it in the pocket, as it was a pain to re-sheath the knife. So for awhile I wore it on my belt, upside down, as that was the most comfortable way to draw the blade. However, when I was moving around alot at work, sometimes the knife would start to work its way out of the holster.

Clip system, as shipped from factory

Clip system side shot

So for a few days I wore the knife the way it was intended, right side up. There are two problems with this: it’s awkward to draw, and the clip system, as shipped from the factory, has sharp points that dig into my hip.

Here you can see the points that dig my hip…but my hip doesn’t dig them. To solve this I simply mounted the clip system upside down, which is easy because you just have to remove two screws and flip it, then re-install the screws.

But drawing the knife as it was intended is just to awkward and time consuming.When this knife was new on the market the Kershaw Ripcord did not have a sheath/holster, it just hung from a pivot point on the belt, allowing the user to draw the blade any way he or she felt comfortable. I think they changed the design because when you were walking or moving around the knife would swing back and forth.

My solution was to wear the blade horizontally. Here’s how it looks without the clip system:

I then used cotton material that is used to make army belts to make two loops.

Belt loops to wear on belt horizontally

After I stitched these up (men stitch things up, they never “sew”. You never saw Rambo sew a wound, he always stitched them up 🙂 I heated an awl and made a hole in each for the clip system screws to go through, to keep the loops in place.

Here’s how it looks when worn:

Horizontal mount

From this position when the blade is drawn it’s held in the hand so that the blade is upside down, that is facing the ground if my thumb is facing up. It’s easy and quick enough to swing the blade around for normal use, i.e. cutting things at work as opposed to defending yourself against a dog. This is just the most comfortable and fastest way for me to draw. And it is FAST!!!

Here’s some more pointy eye candy:

How this would look if it were a fixed blade in a traditional sheath

I love this knife! It’s fast as HELL to draw, razor sharp, holds its edge, sharpens easily, and because it’s an OTF (out the front) opener, you never have to worry about it closing on your fingers!