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A Day Out With Bentley and the Nomad

I had an unexpected day off from work yesterday, and since you don’t get many cool days in August, I took advantage of it and went for a nice long ride. Since I need to eat on long rides I decided to field test the Nomad. This was also the first time I used my custom windscreen from


I’ve got a little over 3,500 miles on this girl. Because the Nomad isn’t an ultralight alcohol stove, and because I don’t really get into dehydrated food that much, my supplies took up one whole side of the panniers.

Left to right in the back: ForeverFire Nomad, custom windscreen, Tiffin set with spatula. In the front is a paint can opener and some flint and steel. I got the tiffin set for my birthday from my wonderful girlfriend, and these things are way better than any lunch box. Easy to clean, hot or cold food, no sandwich bags or tupperware required…and you can cook in them! The top will even hold soups or stews! By the way, I got the spatula from Spatula City. Just watch Weird Al’s “UHF” for more information.

Packafeather’s adjustable windscreen opened wide

This will open quite a bit wider. Here it is closed down some for use with hiking pots:

Note this windscreen has a notch in the bottom for airflow and for the flame adjustment knob to stick through

I’m very impressed with this windscreen. It functioned well once I got the notch out of the wind and it adjusts size very easily.

One of my locally infamous trail burgers

To give you an idea of the size of this B.F.B., my tiffin pan is a little over 6″ in diameter. That’s about a pound of beef, with parsley and steak seasoning mixed in it. You know it’s one of my infamous burgers not only because of its size, but because it has a tonĀ of shredded swine flesh (BACON!) and extra sharp cheddar cheese mixed into it.

And you thought my photography couldn’t get any worse!

This clearly shows the second tiffin pan containing a burger bun and a hunk of cheese. Clearly. Time to clean your screen. Sheesh!

Nomad upon lighting

It was a bit breezy where I was cooking, plus the windscreen isn’t on an entirely flat surface, and is opened extra wide so I can set the tiffin pan in it.

Ready to adjust the flame!

High blue flame, ready to cook

Once the pan is set on there and the screen is tightened up the flame mellows out a little from the wind.

Had to cut it in half to flip it!

All done! That’s only half the burger on the bun!

From start to finish this huge hunk of dairy and porkbeef took 25 minutes to be well done. The wind put the simmer flame out twice, so if I had adjusted it to medium at times, it prolly would have shaved a couple of minutes off. But I don’t think that”s bad for such a huge burger, and didn’t take much fuel as I could still see some liquid through the center hole in the carbon felt.

Happy can crafting and trails, until we meet again!