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Denatured Alcohol HEATERS

This is a pre-blog. It can be frustrating when you search for denatured alcohol heaters. There are some commercially available ones, but when it comes to diy they tend to bring up alcohol stoves or the quart can toilet paper heater.

I own a commercial heater, which can also be used as a stove. I bought it last year in case the power went out, but never needed to use it. It’ll heat a small space for around 6 hours. It also burns alot of alcohol. If you’re looking for a high output, long lasting heat source off the grid, then get a kerosene heater.

I’ve made 2 d.a. heaters. One requires a heat reflector, and lasts a bit. It also takes longer to heat a small space. The other burns fast, but really pumps out ALOT of heat.

The real way to go, in my opinion, is with candle heaters. Mine use liquid wax, which comes out to the same cost per gallon as denatured alcohol, but lasts alot longer when it comes to heating.

I have 2 different candle heaters of my own design, one that radiates heat and stays warm for an hour after the flame is put out, and the other that pumps out heat. Both of which will burn longer than denatured alcohol. I tested these out last Winter, and they kept me comfortable in a space that gets around 50 degrees F.

Cool (warm) things to come!