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Daddy’s Got a Brand New Bag!!!

I was one of those kids who always used their kick stand, never laying my bike on the ground. I was one of those kids who regularly washed and waxed their bike. I was one of those kids who dreamed of a world where human powered vehicles were the only vehicles. I even drew a recumbent pedal powered helicopter…long before I knew there really were recumbent anythings.

Even after I got my license and my first car, I rode my mountain bike. As much as I could. When I was 17 I’d even make a 28 mile round trip to my church and back. I did a lot of stupid things when I was a kid. Church I mean, not the trip! No offense to any of you religious people out there, it’s just not for me.

I still have my license, though I use it only for work. In 2008 I gave up my last car, with joy. The cost of insurance, maintenance, and gas were just too ridiculous when I could pedal to most destinations and have more fun doing it!

In February of 2009 I got my first recumbent bicycle, Bentley. I haven’t ridden a “normal” bike since. Most people thought it was cool, yet hard to ride. (It’s easier to ride because it has a lower center of gravity).

Bentley the Wonder Bike!

Despite this snowy photograph, Bentley did not ride well in the snow. Which meant that most winters I would walk or borrow a friends gas guzzling death machine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-car. I’m anti-unresponsible lazy not paying attention in a hurry no regard for human life car driver.

Now I finally have an HPV (human powered vehicle) that I can ride year round, with efficiency and comfort!

Daddy’s Got a Brand New Bag!!!

This beautiful machine is a recumbent tadpole trike. Having two wheels in the front allows for better steering and braking. This particular trike is a Terra Trike Rover X7.

Side View of My Baby

The Terra Trike Rover has the highest seat available for recumbent tadpole trikes. Mine is at 19 inches. Most such trikes are only a few inches off the ground, allowing for better cornering, but just begging to be unseen and run over. This trike is only an inch and a half lower than Bentley. I’ve had no problems being seen, and cars give me a wider berth than they did on Bentley. Granted I use flags, a head light,  and a tail light…but I used the same on Bentley, it’s the wider wheel base that gets me that extra foot.

This trike is from: The difference between this trike and the one offered by (The original manufacturer) is that it has a 26″ rear wheel, 27 speeds (versus 8 speeds), parking brakes, and my choice of custom color.

Go Go Gadget Parking Brakes!

Here you see the parking brake (0ne of them) engaged and the speedometer.

Mounting bracket for speedometer sensor

This was a custom mount from Utah Trikes.

Airzound bike horn with Nob accessory mount

This mother fu#%er is the loudest bike horn in the world. 115 decibels. Can you hear me now? 

More eye candy? Here you go:

Axiom Seymor panniers

This is a pair of panniers, or saddle bags. These are the best I’ve ever owned. They hold a lot, are light weight, and are rain proof.

Rear view of Terra Trike Rover X7

There’s my new girlfriend! Sorry for the inept photography! Someday, after I finish the bicycle camper, I’ll turn this naughty girl into a velomobile…a whole other subject!