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Nomad Boil Test

I don’t really get into M.R.E.’s (meals ready to eat/dehydrated food) as most users of alcohol stoves do. I just know that my Nomad cooks regular food faster than any other stove I’ve made…and that it can cook anything I want. I’ve done stews that took 4 hours to simmer, after bringing the 2.5 quart pot to a boil. I’ve done a crayfish boil in a much larger pot. I’ve cooked up collared greens southern style. I’ve done steaks and pork chops and a ton chicken. All of these things were possible because of the Nomad’s ability to adjust the heat output and because of its long burn time between refills.

As I don’t eat M.R.E.’s I’ve never done a boil test until today. Some people wanted to know the boil time using 1 ounce of fuel on high and on simmer. This is not possible. The Nomad holds 7 ounces. If I filled it with just 1oz I could do the simmer test but the high flame wouldn’t be high. As stated before the Nomad will burn with a high flame for 2 hours, and continue burning for another hour, but with a diminishing flame. In order for the test to be fair I had to fill it up all the way.


Nomad with Manly Rustic cook pot, 12 oz pop can for size reference.


Size reference for all you vapers out there: my Lavatube 2.0 with mini did clone.


Room temperature water, 2 cups.

High test achieved rolling boil.



I next did the simmer test, again with 2 cups of room temperature water. It achieved boil, but not a rolling boil.



Just out of curiosity I ran the high test again, to see if it would take longer with less fuel.


3 seconds longer?!? UNACCEPTABLE!!! Into the scrap pile with you Nomad!

From what I’ve seen online the boil times for alcohol stoves tend to be between 5 to 9 minutes, though I’m a little unclear whether or not some tests were 1 cup or 2. Chime in and let me know what you guys think of these times!