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Further Thoughts and Aspirations…

I still need firring strips for the trailer itself, and sub-flooring for the body of the trailer. Trailer bed will be made of leftover 1/4″ ply, the walls and roof will be sub-flooring, heavily painted and clear coated to weather proof it. I hope I can keep the cost of this under $400, and the weight, unloaded, at around 40-50lbs…that would be ideal…if it weighs 60lbs, eh, what can I do? It’ll still be the biggest folding camper I’ve seen with solid walls, a heat source, two different cooking sources, the ability to wash dishes, keep food cool, sleep one comfortably, two reasonably, have a toilet for #1 and #2, and a shower.

I’m doing my best to keep this light yet strong, and using common materials, to keep this as cheap as possible and easy to build. The set up of the camper will be slightly involved, like the old school tents I grew up with, but I think it’ll be feasible to set it up in 5 to 10 minutes.

The bicycle camper will fit into the trailer, that is, the sub-flooring roof and walls of the trailer will encompass the folded camper and floor and storage space. When deployed, the camper will rest on top of and be fastened to the trailer, around 2′ off the ground. I’m going to try to make it so that the trailer can be detached from the camper (still deployed)┬áso that I can venture out for more wood or water or food. It works in theory.

Another benefit if this works is that I’ll have a dual purpose cargo trailer…when I have no intention of camping and need to get stuff/groceries around town, I can take the camper and floor out, and have a lot more storage space for goods/fire wood. It should have a little more space than my current cargo trailer, and, more importantly, weigh a HELL of alot less!!! >:D


Future Blog: The Bicycle Camper

It’s coming soon, but not soon enough! My version of a bicycle camper! I have alot more work to do, but I keep plugging away at it just about everyday. I’ve been thinking of this thing for 3 years now, and just started it before Yule, 2011. It’s going to fold down to 2’x4′ 6″x40″ (wlh) and fold out to 9′ length, 5’6″ width, and 4’6″ height, complete with kitchen, woodstove and fully functioning bathroom! That’s right! The ability to go #1 AND #2, and SHOWER!!! All in a lightweight bicycle towed package!