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My Bicycle Camper: the Pedal-Inn

Let me start off by saying that this was just quickly scrapped together, I’m still working on the tow bar, and the wheels need to be moved back for it to tow properly. Plus I’m not done working on the inside. So there will eventually be more!


The over all length is 7′. The first 4′ it is 2′ wide, 38″ at the highest and 33″at the lowest. The last 3′ is 22″ wide by 26″ high. The two window are each 8″x15″ and are scavenged plexiglass. When warmer weather arrives I’ll have to make some modifications so they open and add screens. The black vertical and horizontal lines you see are seams taped with gorilla tape. Like I said, this was made from scraps, ideally it wouldn’t have all those seams, but I have to tell you it is much stronger than I thought it would be! It’s seen some rain and a few inches of icy snow in its week of existence and is holding up fine and leak proof! It probably weighs 20-30lbs, I just know when my friend helped me carry it out the house (where it was put together) we both said “Wow! At least it’s light!!”.


If I was working and not so broke I could make it so the rear section slid in like a drawer for travel.


Front shot. The walls are made of 1″ dow tuff r insulation board.


Rear. You can see the back two legs, which are just some steel tubing pressure fit into wood blocks. Give them a little wiggle with no weight on the rear and they pull out. It has four more legs, scavenged from an old folding table…so to be clear they fold up =)


Close up of the door.


Under that blue sleeping bag is a smaller sleeping bag for insulation, below that is reflectix, basically bubble wrap with a reflective foil on it. You can see 2 of the 3 strips of dow to help weather proof the door.



It’s a shame that wire coat hangers are harder and harder to come by, they’re almost as valuable as duct tape or MacGyver’s army knife!



This shelf is the roof of the rear section, and perfect for holding the contents of my pockets and my trusty lantern.


That alcohol heater, on it’s lowest setting, keeps it 70 degrees when it’s 20-30 outside, and raises it to that temperature within 10 minutes! Behind the heater I punched 4 small vent holes so it would not burn my oxygen. That block you see buy the door on the left is what the clothes hanger door latch latches on.

I’m pretty proud of the Pedal-Inn, it works better than I hoped for being something made from scraps and in haste. It could be better. All in time. I can’t wait to finish my motorless home, and to make more versions of it and smaller campers like this!


My Bicycle Cargo Trailer

I built this trailer last summer. It’s made with firring strips and 3/8″ plywood. The trailer base is steel, and folds down. It was one of those kiddie trailers, I kept my eye out all spring for a used one, and since I didn’t find one and wasn’t going to go all summer without my trailer, I went down to target and bought it for $100.

It’s 2’x4′ by 18″high.

bicycle cargo trailer

It has two doors with two separate compartments. The front compartment is the biggest, and is for general cargo. I filled it up with free wood and had enough wood for 4 nights of fires! And these were long fires, I had just made a propane tank fire pit and was enjoying the size of the fires and ease of use. My fire pit the summer before was a 5 litre heineken keg, and the propane tank pit worked MUCH better.

The back door on the side is where I store a cooler. This is a great setup for grocery shopping, as anything that needs to stay cold just goes in the back, and I don’t have to rush back home with the perishables on hot days. Though I didn’t do much fishing last year, the cooler did come in handy for bait, and, theoretically for caught fishes. Plus, it’s a handy table or chair.

cooler compartment

As you can see, the handles had to be cut off for it to fit. Oops! A minor miscalculation!

cargo compartment

That’s enough wood for about two big fires, there’s still plenty of room.

Now that's just funny until a buggy comes up behind me with a bike horn!