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It wasn’t too cold last night, about 28 F, but I wish it had been colder. And I really don’t like the cold. I spent about four hours out there, nice and toasty, having a fire and staying out of the breeze in this:

The aptly named Tripi

The Tripi or tripod tipi. It took about 3 mins to set the tripod up, using 8′ firring strips and some cheap rope. It took about 2 mins to duct taped the tarp (old 4’x8′ that was laying around) to the tripod and stake the two ends in the ground. Taping consists of a single, small piece at the top of the tarp at the apex of the tripod. Stakes were kindling sticks, the flaps created by them help to encompass me and draw in heat from the fire.

Propane tank fire pit

Side view

It took a little experimenting to get the height of the “ceiling” right, and the tripods positioned just so, but all in all it was rather spacious, comfy, and warm.

A new monster is born, I sense a growing fascination with tarp shelters!