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Winter Cycling So Far

This is my first winter cycling. I don’t mean just for fun, but for transportation. I thought I’d need specialized gear, such as a face mask and goggles, and these nifty things called pogies or moose mitts. They’re a glorified mitten that attaches to your handle bars and covers the brake levers and shifters, so that you can slide your gloved hands in.

So far I’ve been getting along just fine by wearing fleece under my jeans, thermal socks, my carharrt coat, gloves, ushanka (rabbit fur hat with ear flaps), hood on coat and alpaca scarf. I would like the moose mitts, as my hands are the only thing that gets cold. To solve this for now I’ve got a bunch of hand warmers.

Temps here lately are in the teens, farenheit, that is. The only days I haven’t ridden were in the single digits with windchills, about 2 days. It’s actually been a lot of fun on the trike. I get asked “aren’t you cold?” quite a bit, but no, I’m not. If anything I have to unzip my coat or loosen the scarf so that I don’t start sweating! Studded tires would be nice, primarily for the rear tire, and for emergency stopping, but all in all the trike handles well in the snow and ice. Another thing I need eventually are fenders, as water splashes onto my gloves! All in time. The tires that came with the Rover are racing tires, for better traction I put the rear tire from my bent bike on it, I don’t know what you’d call the tread, it’s the kind that comes on most mountain bikes. I did this because I was getting flats, I think storing the Rover indoors and taking it out, the drastic change in temperatures, was causing cracks in the tire and allowing small stones to slightly puncture the inner tube. There’s definitely more traction, and I can still fishtail in snow and ice!

Now I do not like the cold one bit, but I’ve honestly been having a lot of fun! Normally in the Winter I have to walk or borrow a friends car, and by spring my legs have lost all their recumbent muscle. You see, riding a recumbent bike or trike utilizes different muscles in the legs than a diamond frame bike. That’s a common complaint among those new to recumbent cycling, especially when going up hills, but once you get your bent legs good luck keeping up on a diamond frame! Bents are plain and simple much more efficient than regular bicycles. So I’m loving keeping my bent legs toned, as the first month or so of Spring my legs would be in agony.

The only complaints I have aren’t seasonal. I don’t like it that most motorists don’t know hand signals, unless you’re turning left that is! I don’t like getting cut off anytime of the year, but especially not when there’s a windchill. I mean, what’s the hurry? Tell me just what is so horrible about being in your car? Is it difficult to apply pressure to the correct pedals, turn that power steering wheel? Is it too much to ask to use your turning signals? It must be awful in there, with that climate control and music, the way most people drive!!!

Get out and pedal, even if it’s just a trip to the corner store! Save some cash on gas and the gym by doing what you could in a car on a bike. You’ll feel better, and you’ll become more respectful when it comes to sharing the road when you see how most people drive! You might just end up driving more carefully, leaving for destinations a little earlier so you don’t have to speed. This could lead to less potential for tickets or rocketing insurance. You might just save yourself or your loved ones injuries or worse, just by driving respectfully. Our society here in America is all about NOW NOW NOW!!! That mentality does your health absolutely no good whatsoever! Stress affects the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Slow down! Enjoy the ride!

Life is a ride, no matter how you take the ride, do so in a manner that’s best for you and those around you!